PSYCH 345 Multimedia University Humans Selective Attention the Stroop Effect Essay

In this lab you will observe the Stroop effect in order to explore attention–a mental activity that allows your cognitive processes to take in and survey selected areas of your surroundings. One specific type of attention is selective attention, which is when people are instructed to respond to certain kinds of information while ignoring other information. The Stroop effect was first described by J. R. Stroop in 1935 when he found that naming the color of squares took a significantly shorter amount of time than naming the ink color of color name words when they did not match. What type of processing conflict is responsible for this phenomenon? (This is the assignment)

I need a statistical essay done in which there is an abstract, introduction, methods, discussion, and results. I will attach an example paper of how it is supposed to look like. I will provide the methods, and the reference paper for you to write the introduction, the methods.

I will also provide tables and figures for you to write the results. For each subject (as in introduction) 1-3 paragraphs for each section. Again, i will provide an example of the essay. There must also be a tables and figures page where you copy and paste the tables that you used to describe the results.

Under methods for participants, it is the same as the essay i provided.

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