PSY 432 Nevada Amnesia Is a Memory Loss Caused by Brain Damage or Disease Review

1)Find 3 empirical papers related to HUMAN MEMORY.

2) Read and understand these articles.

3) You will summarize the previous findings in your own words, propose a future experiment based on the assembled evidence and predict the outcome. You will make a computer-made figure showing the predicted outcome.

Here is an example : 1) You find an article showing that Parkinson’s patients are impaired in operant conditioning. You find an article showing that deep brain stimulation alleviates motor symptoms in Parkinson’s patients by restoring function in damaged areas. 2) You propose to study operant conditioning acquisition in Parkinson’s patients with the stimulator on and off. You predict the patients will do better when on stimulation. You make a data figure showing behavioral performance with and without stimulation according to your predictions.3) One implication is that the stimulator has cognitive effects. A second would be that the stimulator should be on if operant conditioning is required.

I mostly need help with finding the sources for this paper, finding 3 empirical articles that are somehow related enough that when put together I could put together into a possible experiment that would better the understanding of human memory

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