PSY 351 Wilmington Week 3 Psychology Mental Processes Application Question

PSY 351 Online: Structured External Assignment: Due Week 7 In a three to four page paper (double spaced) discuss some of the mental processes reviewed in the class and apply your newfound knowledge on the topic to improve our approach to a problem or situation that arises in everyday living. Some examples might be:

Using our lessons on problem solving and creativity to suggest a way to resolve conflicts between nationsUsing our discussion of memory to improve how school children are taught

Using our discussion of perception to improve the way highways are designed to improve safetyYour structured external assignment will be grade on the following criteria:

How well you explain the mental processes being reviewed

How well you apply the mental processes to the selected problem

How logical your solutions are based on the problem and the mental process chosenThe paper’s arguments should not be drawn from your opinion and should instead be based on the empirical facts we have learned about the mental process selected. You may include outside research on the application/ problem scenario (in fact this is recommended) and how the mental process relates to it. A rubric for grading the SEA will be posted to our course Canvas site. At any time throughout the course if you have questions about this assignment or acceptable topics please send an email to your instructor.

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