PSY 305 University of the Rockies Theories of Personality Thomas Case Study

Case studies are used in psychology to illustrate important concepts or ideas by giving a detailed example of a person’s life or situation in narrative form. Famous case studies in psychology include Phineas Gage (man who in the 1800s lived after he had a metal rod explode through his head) and Genie (child who was discovered in the 1970s who had no language because of an abusive early life). This is a case study of Thomas, a man whose life is described for you to analyze based on some of the personality theories discussed in the course. This will give you an opportunity to apply some of the concepts and ideas learned over the different units to a single case. There is no single correct answer as many different theories will apply to this case. Your task is to discuss how the personality described can be explained by two of the theories listed below. Do your best to pull out the relevant pieces of the case study illustrating your chosen personality theories/approaches.

Refer to the attached document for assignment details and grading rubric. The case study is also attached.

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