Programming in C#

Please help me with these two programs

1. Write a console app called MonthChecky that prompts a user to enter a month number (a digit from 1-12). If the value entered is out of range (greater than 12 or less than 1) display a meaningful error message, otherwise display a message indicating that the month entered is valid.USE ONLY NAMED CONSTANTS 

 2. There is a fish day care center called Fish-O-Rama. They need a console app that will calculate the daily fish care fee based on a fish’s size. The program must accept the following from the user: Customer Name, Fish Name, Fish Species, and Fish Length (in inches). Once the data has been entered, the program should display all of the entered data, as well as the daily fish care fee, calculated as follows: $7 for fish under 10″, $12 for fish 10″ to 20″ inclusive, $16 for fish greater than 20″ and up to 30″, and $20 for fish greater than 30″. USE ONLY NAMED CONSTANTS FOR ALL FISH SIZES AND FEES. In your output, demonstrate that it calculates the correct fee for several (at least three) different sizes of fish.

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