POL 310 Week 1 Quiz

This file POL 310 Week 1 Quiz has solutions on the following questions:

1. Aesthetic values are examples of which category of value? (Points : 1)

2. The House and Senate are comprised of: (Points : 1)

3. Statutes are laws passed by: (Points : 1)

4. The U.S. Senate is comprised of members based upon: (Points : 1)

5. Which is the following is an example of an ecosystem service? (Points : 1)

6. Trading pollution permits is an example of: (Points : 1)

7. Environmental justice violations: (Points : 1)

8. Characteristics of environmental policy include all of the following, except: (Points : 1)

9. Hallmarks of environmental policy-making include all of the following, except: (Points : 1)

10. According to the precautionary principle, we are ethically bound: (Points : 1)

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