Please read instructions carefully and use powerpoint upload attached

These are the original instructions so you understand the entire project entirely, however I only need 5 slides filled out on 

  • Holistic approach to higher learning

I only need 5 slides 100-500 on Holistic approach to higher learning; u will better understand when u open the below powerpoint how everything is set up, but dont forget each answer needs to be better explained in the note section of the powerpoint and in no less then 100 words.

Entire Project instructions:

Develop a  Jeopardy game presentation that integrates the breadth and depth of core psychology knowledge.  The presentation should have a minimum of twenty-five slides (5 categories and 5 dollar amounts).

Search the Internet for a Microsoft® PowerPoint® jeopardy game template.

Include the following topics in your game:

  • Holistic approach to prior learning
  • Integrating psychology into your personal life
  • Psychology across all disciplines
  • Integrating psychology into career and educational decisions
  • Your personal learning theory

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Please do not forget to include a reference page.  Presenter notes are required and should meet a minimum word count of 100 words.

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