PHIL 1301 Brookhaven Taxes for Welfare Medicaid and Medicaid Immoral Discussion

Discussion (300-350 words): Are taxes for entitlement programs, such as: welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid immoral? Why or why not? (complete after reading 5.4)

Reply (100-150 words); Tyler Hutcherson

Discussion 6


Yes, it is, just as the reading says, “We may help others if we want to, but we are under no obligation to do so.”. This may not directly state it is immoral but merely lays a foundation for my opinion. Caring, helping, and handouts are all very different things. I believe this is immoral because so many people who do receive it do not deserve it. Yes, there are a lot of variables that could weigh this answer in one direction or the other but let us assume this is specific to someone healthy and able to work. There is not a scenario that comes to mind that would make this a moral scenario. Not everyone takes advantage of the system, but many do, therefore I favor it to be immoral. Are my taxes going to those who need it? sure. How many of the ones who do not need it are receiving it as well? I do not have an answer for that, and I hold no power in choosing the said person or people. To me, it is immoral to give money to someone who may or may not deserve it. To rid the process completely would separate the ones who truly need it vs those who do not and are taking advantage of it or lying on income questions. The presence of immoral people should take precedence over those who are moral, otherwise, the system remains broken and never evaluated or restructured. What I mean by that is, if there will always exist Medicaid and welfare, we should be able to make changes where needed to correct the wrongdoing of others. If not, maybe that money should be in my possession to help someone I know who may need it, instead of pretending to. Algorithms and computers do not tell you who is moral or immoral, so let me be the judge.

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