PHI 445 Week 2 Quiz

The file PHI 445 Week 2 Quiz includes right solutions on the following questions:

1. Few businesses maintain that the socially responsible course to take is the utilitarian one with the lowest net costs. (Points : 1)

2. Utilitarianism is attractive to many because it matches the views we tend to hold when discussing governmental policies and public goods. (Points : 1)

3. Negative rights are defined entirely in terms of the duties others have not to interfere with you. (Points : 1)

4. Cost-benefit analysis is used to determine the desirability of investing in a project (such as a dam, factory, or public park) by figuring whether its present and future economic benefits outweigh its present and future economic costs. (Points : 1)

5. Rule utilitarianism looks only at moral rules of a particular action. (Points : 1)

6. Intrinsic goods are things that are desired for their own sake, such as health and life. (Points : 1)

7. Considerations to follow in determining what the moral thing to do might be are: (Points : 1)

8. UNOCAL worked with the Burmese army to push the pipeline using forced labor. (Points : 1)

9. Major problems with the utilitarian reliance on measurement include: (Points : 1)

10. UNOCAL agrees that it shares responsibility with the Burmese army over treatment of pipeline citizens. (Points : 1)

11. Many economists now advocate retaining the market system and private property while modifying their workings through government regulation. This is known as a: (Points : 1)

12. According to Locke, the power of government should be: (Points : 1)

13. Modifying Locke’s views on free markets, Adam Smith’s arguments rest on __________ arguments that unregulated markets and private property will produce greater benefits than any other system. (Points : 1)

14. Smith’s utilitarian argument is most commonly criticized for making what some call unrealistic arguments. (Points : 1)

15. Karl Marx offers the most critical view of modern private property and free market institutions. Marx claims that free-market capitalism necessarily produces: (Points : 1)

16. According to Smith, when private individuals are left free to seek their own interests in free markets, they will inevitably be led to further the public welfare by an “invisible hand.” (Points : 1)

17. The basic problem underlying the views of the social Darwinist is the fundamental normative assumption that survival of the fittest means survival of the best. (Points : 1)

18. According to the text, Zimbabwe is the number two ranking region in sub-Sahara Africa for high HIV and AIDS outbreaks. (Points : 1)

19. Social Darwinists had a different take on the utilitarian justification for free markets. They argued that economic competition would not produce human progress. (Points : 1)

20. Locke’s view that labor creates property rights has been influential in the U.S. (Points : 1)

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