PHI 103 Week 3 Quiz

The file PHI 103 Week 3 Quiz includes right solutions on the following questions:

1. Question : “China uses too much oil. So they shouldn’t develop their industry” may commit which fallacy?

2. Question : “Julie started carrying a rabbit’s foot, then she won the lottery. The rabbit’s foot

3. Question : A person who

4. Question : A fallacy is an argument that

5. Question : “If that wasn’t illegal, then it wouldn’t be against the law” may commit which fallacy?

6. Question : “My husband snores. All men must snore” commits which of these fallacies.

7. Question : After being told that she is being punished for lying, a child responds by telling her mother that she also lied. This response may involve which fallacy?

8. Question : “You should read this book. Everybody likes it so it must be good” may commit which fallacy?

9. Question : “I bought a pair of shoes from that store that immediately fell apart. Their shoes are no good” may commit which fallacy?

10. Question : “The Senator wants to cut spending on police. I guess she doesn’t care if we all get murdered” may commit which fallacy?

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