PHI 103 Week 1 Quiz

The file PHI 103 Week 1 Quiz includes right solutions on the following questions:

1. Question : Which of these could be seen as a premise in an argument?

2. Question : A valid deductive argument, the premises of which are accepted as true, shows

3. Question : “You didn’t like that book; so you probably don’t like to read” is

4. Question : In the statement, “You didn’t like that restaurant; so you probably don’t

5. Question : If a reason that is not relevant to the conclusion is given,

6. Question : Which of the following is most likely to be a conclusion?

7. Question : Premises and conclusions have which of the following in common?

8. Question : A five year old boy who refuses to listen to reasons for going to bed could be called

9. Question : Reasons given to support a conclusion are called

10. Question : An argument can have

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