Pennsylvania State Strategic Goals and Set of Smart Objectives Paper

This is the first step for this group assignment. It will only be a draft for me and show me if it is done correctly, I will proceed with the same person for the final part next week. I need ONLY the two things that are highlighted answered in detail and with correct grammar. The organization and its strategies are in the first complete attachment Be creative- I have attached several things to assist but they need to be read in detail. I will send more uploads for assistance with the assignment. This is COLLEGE work for a serious business class– not High School—

Deliverable #2 – Strategic Goal and Set of Smart Objectives

-Establish a strategic goal and several SMART objectives (at least 3) for each key strategy formulated above.

The goal will, of course, pertain directly to the strategy. Each SMART objective will, by itself, or combined with other related objectives establish the basis for a specific initiative, project or program to achieve the objective(s). In turn, each initiative, project or program will have its own goal and specific objectives. [Refer to the Vision to Projects Schematic].

IMPORTANT POINT: My intent is to provide an understanding of the “cascading” nature of strategic planning. Innovative strategic thinking leads to big ideas and significant strategy opportunities for major improvement. However, these ideas and strategies need to be effectively implemented within the organization to realize their potential. This requires strategic planning – systematic, logical, organized, sequential activities that fit with the organization’s history, readiness, culture and capacity for change.

LOOK THIS VIDEO UP ON YOU TUBE— You will find it helpful to review the YouTube video “How to Set SMART Goals” by Erica Olsen

Deliverable #3 – Potential Initiatives, Projects and Programs


Identify plausible initiatives, projects and programs that emanate from and support the organizational strategies and related strategic goals and objectives.

Note: For our purposes, I am using the following definitions – An initiative is a large, often complex, “umbrella-type” undertaking that encompasses several projects. A project is a work effort to achieve a specific desired result that is time-limited, budgeted and resource constrained. A program is a continuous offering that provides on-going services or goods in support of the organization’s mission and vision.

Apply one or more methodologies such as the “Initiatives-Projects Prioritization Matrix” and the “Impact-Alignment Matrix” to rate, prioritize, select and sequence the projects and programs your group feels should implemented.

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