PED 212 Week 1 Quiz

This pack of PED 212 Week 1 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. Brisk walking is considered a 2. What are the five levels of responsibilities of the TPSR model?3. Which of the following would best describe the relationship between the three learning domains of human development? 4. Which of the following statements is accurate?5. What normal weight changes may occur in the first days after an infant is born?6. Which of the following is NOT an example of how physical education is sometimes regarded as being an insignificant subject?7. Asking a child to form the shapes of letters of the alphabet with their bodies is an example of a physical education task that reinforces knowledge from _______________.8. Which of the following examples would BEST promote physical education programs among the community?9. Which of the following does NOT describe the concept of Growth?10. What is the key to putting together an appropriate integrated lesson?

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