Park University Masculinity Effect on Treating Trauma Response Discussion


Discussion Unit 4

Research Topic: Masculinity’s effect on treating trauma

Research Question: Does the societal rules of masculinity negatively impact help-seeking attitudes in males?

Null Hypothesis: I believe that masculinity is a (primary) driving factor in males not seeking help after suffering psychiatric trauma.

Alternative Hypothesis: Other factors not governed by masculinity can have halting effects on the treatment of trauma in males. (Anxiety, depression, self-esteem deficiencies).

I believe testing this hypothesis will result in a two-tailed aspect, because there are many variables that could affect the likelihood of either a null or alternative hypothesis. These results could result in either hypothesis being viably accurate without favoring any specific direction.

A hypothesis resulting in two tails would provide a non-directional result due to outcomes neither rejecting nor fully supporting the hypothesis. If we reject the null hypothesis, we do so because there is more evidence that supports the alternative hypothesis. We must go off of the results that will tell us which scenario is supported by the method of testing. So we reject one for the other until such a time the evidence supports the other.


For this discussion, start by generating your own research topic and associated research question. For your research question, state the null and alternative hypothesis. Are your hypotheses one-tailed or two-tailed? Are they directional or non-directional? Explain. With inferential statistics, the goal is to reject the null hypothesis. What does this mean? If we reject the null hypothesis, do we conclude that the alternative hypothesis is correct? Why or why not?

What are the most effective way to increase voters without voter fraud in the USA lections?

The null hypothesis: Every four years we have voter fraud in the presidential election

The alternative hypothesis: voter fraud does not happens.

This would be a one tail test since we are only looking only at voter fraud, Yes or NO

If Ballots are tested by hand and verifying information is accurate > it will verify voter fraud does happen in America.

Yes if we reject the null hypothesize we do conclude the alternative hypotheses is correct. The reason why, we are only looking at fraud, only a yes or no result. we are not looking at decreasing the voter fraud of the prevention of it.

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