OSU The True Story of The Monuments Men & Cultural Properties in Warzones Discussion

Directions: Answer the following questions using ideas from and/o from the viewing the film (The Monument Men). If you choose to, you may also look for additional information online to support the writing of your answers. I do not have a link to film.


•The True Story of the Monuments Men


6. Hitler wanted to gain ownership of art in order to place it in the Third Reich’s museums—ones that already existed, and then in the Führermuseum that he planned on building in his hometown of Linz, Austria. Why did he want art that was from all over Europe? Why did he think that appropriating art from other people and countries would glorify his regime?

7. It was the concerned lobbying of art professionals and scholars that brought about the formation of the Roberts Commission by FDR, which lead to the creation of the MFAA. This was the first effort of its kind made during wartime. In what ways do we benefit from the work they did during World War II?

8. The Monuments Men’s directive was to preserve cultural properties in war zones, provided that they did not interfere with any military operations. At what points did these two directives conflict with each other, and how was that handled?

9. There are still thousands of works of art that went missing during World War II and have yet to be found. What do you think can be done about this? What are the most effective ways to raise awareness about the cultural cost of stolen art?

10. With the looting of the National Museum of Iraq following the U.S. invasion of that country in 2003, do you feel that we have learned any lessons from the Monuments Men’s efforts? Is there still a need to make protecting artistic works and cultural landmarks a priority when entering into war?

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