ORGL 2100 University of West Georgia Application for Credit Worksheet

Hello, my teacher provided feedback for the assignment and I wanted to know if you can work on the assignment again. See if you can proved them with the listed items below.

Also please show me the training that you used to write the speeches; please explain that they have not been read but you have posted them online for other people to read or something like that please. Just trying to make it to where they wont be able to know that the information is coming from another source. Pleaase make it to where I can change some of the information so it looks like I have completed it.


They like to see some evidence of prior learning other than just the short answers. If you can find anything that relates to the following topics it will strengthen your application:

  • Rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, pathos
  • Business communication across all media – Website updates that you wrote or made. Workshops you taught? Zoom meetings hosted?
  • Online business communication – Emails, memos?
  • Management skills – Supervision courses or training you may have
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Audience analysis – Feedback from speeches or training that you taught?
  • Modes of rhetorical persuasion
  • Methods of employee evaluation
  • Constructive Criticism in the workplace – Constructive criticism you have given or received?
  • Change management
  • Crisis communication – COVID related items?
  • Adapting word choice, tone, and style to unique audiences
  • Literary and poetics devices of persuasion
  • Self-evaluation
  • Rhetorical analysis

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