Oakwood High School Mathematical Model of COVID 19 Discussion

I would like someone to write a research term paper about this topic.

The world is living in very difficult conditions since around one year ago that you cannot imagine before, it is the epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19).It’s hard to know just how freaked out we should be about how far it will spread and the number of people it will affect. One terrifying term that gets bandied about is “exponential growth”.

Write an essay with a mathematical analysis of coronavirus spread. Use the internet to collect data about infected/death/recovered cases day by day for the whole world and some countries that have a high rate of infection. Plot a graph of the number of infected cases (y-axis) against time in days (x-axis). Classify the type of the curve (linear, exponential, quadratic, etc.). Is it really grow exponentially? Give a discussion to support your selection.

elect the whole world or one country such as China, USA, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. You can find more countries and data on the internet.

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