NYU Random House Case Study

I will attach the case study. You have to answer the questions and the guideline for writing is-


  1. All papers are to be typed, double-spaced; two pages (2 min to 2.5 pages max).
  2. Please take time to organize your work so that it is clear and concise.
  3. You may want to construct charts or exhibits to convey your thoughts concisely.

Questions for Random House Case:

  1. Describe briefly the company history of Bertelsmann – its founding core competency, growth,
    directors and leaders, etc.
  2. List and explain the four divisions of Bertelsmann. Is there a fifth social division?
  3. What are Bertelsmann’s core strategies? Describe and explain their four strategic pillars.
  4. Describe briefly Random House and how they came to be part of Bertelsmann. Explain how
    Random House continued to expand within the large company.
  5. Explain the challenges presented by consumer purchasing behavior shifting from printed books
    to e-books6
  6. Explain the strategy behind international growth, especially in entering and growing the
    Chinese market.
  7. Describe and explain the search of future directions for Random House. Are there any
    directions you would argue in favor of?

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