NTC 360 Team B Service Request SR rm 017 paper

The file NTC 360 Team B Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR rm 017 paper includes solutions of the following tasks:



– Network protocols week four

– Provide rationale for the adoption of existing protocols

– Explain advantages and disadvantages of protocols

– Present recommendations and benefits

– Network topologies week five

3. Identify topologies in use. Switching

4. Explain advantages and disadvantages of different topologies

5. Consider combining topologies

6. Present recommendations and benefits

7. Switching week four

8. Identify places in the networks where switching currently exists or would be beneficial

9. Explain advantages and disadvantages

10. Present recommendations and benefits

11. Network security week five

12. Identify current security efforts

13. Identify security needs

14. Explain advantages and disadvantages of various security approaches

15. Present recommendations and benefits

16. Prepare and submit a 12-14 page paper.

17. Prepare and submit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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