news ch 2

Search for business news that relate to one of the chapter concepts. Concept discussed in chapter 2 is the Evaluating a Firm’s External Environment.  A news article that discusses.

(Choose 2 of the list below)

– Examples of a firm doing an external analysis and considering how their environment can affect opportunities and threats

– The SCP model

– Porter’s Five Forces model

– Examples of firms being threatened by substitutes

– a strong example of a complementor and how it effects an industry

– Examples of firms taking advantage of opportunities in different generic industry structures

Provide a summary of the news item (along with a reference to where you found it) .  I’m looking for well-thought out comments so plan on writing more to explain fully.

News items must be from reputable sources.  A list of some of my favorites (although not the only ones you can use) are in the Resources section.

(450 words,  citation)

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