National Louis University Bilingual Children Mother Tongue Article Discussion

NOTE: write a 200-250 word discussion post for each question and cite with APA format

1.Critically evaluate the value of bilingual education for children as cited in the Cummins links.

2. When does a person’s criticism of the government become unlawful? After reviewing the Tedx Talks video, find a recent example of freedom of speech being tested. Use a past case to analyze how the Supreme Court would decide on the case. Is the decision fair?

3. What are the problems associated with the “clear and present danger test”? How has it been used in the past? Is it still currently used today?

4. Go to this website: Somatic Disorders Diagnosis Quiz and take the quiz to diagnose someone with a somatic disorder. This is a practice exercise and will help you gain more information about various somatic disorders. Once this is completed, write a 200-250 word discussion post on the symptoms of at least 3 somatic disorders, diagnostic criteria, and what background information is needed before a mental health professional can diagnose someone.

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