MSM 6610 Troy University Transition Towards Automated Operations Persuasive Letter


For this assignment, assume that you are the vice-president of operations for 2-B Well Healthy Foods. 2-B Well is a rapidly growing company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Your company is a privately owned company that was started 5 years ago by two Troy University business students while they were completing their MSM degrees. Since that time, the company has grown to over 200 employees, generating over $150 Million each year in revenue. The primary focus and mission of your company is to serve as a wholesaler and distributer of healthy snacks throughout Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. While the company has faced many challenges during over the last five years, one of the major challenges has been the development of internal systems that can support the growing number of employees working with the company.

When the company was small, all of the employees working out of the same warehouse office and most of the internal processes were supported by simple computer systems and various paper forms. As the organization has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to effectively manage, process, and store the hundreds of paper forms that circulate throughout the organization to keep processes moving. In an effort to address this issue, senior leadership of the 2-B Well have adopted a strategic initiative to automate ALL paper forms to facilitate smoother work-flow. The most significant changes related to the automation of forms will be related to the transition of the following forms from a paper version, to a seamless, online process:

  1. Time sheets/payroll forms
  2. Travel reimbursement and mileage forms
  3. Request for equipment forms
  4. Request for vacation or time off forms

The transition to the use of automated forms will be effective in one month. A 45 minute tutorial related to the proper use of the new system has been developed and is available, on-line, for employees to view.

As vice president of operations, it is your responsibility to inform employees of this pending change and insure a smooth transition to this new process. Your initial method of informing employees will be a one-page persuasive letter.


Write a one page, persuasive letter, informing employees of the pending process change from paper forms to automated forms. Your letter should follow conventional guidelines for a business letter. At a minimum, the persuasive letter should address the following questions:

  1. Why do we need to change?
  2. What’s in it for me/us?

In addition to these question, you need to convince 2-B Well employees of your confidence in their ability to successfully implement this change.

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