Mount Saint Vincent University Data and Decision Making Case Study

I will provid materials we need.

1. Open Data
Many governments are choosing to release, in machine-readable formats, data sets
currently held by the government (and which do not contain personal information). They
create open data portals where you can find tens of thousands of data sets from that
government. You can find these portals online for various federal, provincial, and
municipal governments, some of which are quite useful. Open Data is not usually
released with a specific purpose in mind. We can’t predict what uses people will find for
raw data; the idea is that the public will find uses that move beyond the interests, scope,
or capabilities of government

We expect you will need 250-500 words per data set.

2. Read “The Last Days of Target: The untold tale of Target Canada’s difficult birth, tough
life and brutal death”.…
Answer the following questions on the assumption the article is accurate and complete
(you do not need to further investigate the failure of Target Canada; you may wish to
further investigate the software involved.)
Target Canada had to make several decisions about information systems: an ERP,
software to predict demand and manage restocking, software for managing the
distribution centres, and point-of-sale (e.g. cash register) software.

We expect good answers to be 500-1000 words.

3. Elon Musk “Case Study”
Thanks to a random interaction on Twitter, you’ve been asked by Elon Musk’s business
manager to provide consulting advice on the next big business step for Mr. Musk:
growing his personal brand.
Elon Musk is currently best known for his companies Tesla (car manufacturing) and
SpaceX (rocket development), and is also engaged in varied projects ranging from
tunnels (The Boring Company) to flamethrowers. He got his start in the early days of
Silicon Valley, founding and selling two companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.
His current net worth is estimated at $23 billion.
Though external commentators have suggested his use of social media is becoming
increasingly erratic and potentially damaging, he continues to use his Twitter account to
engage with followers and to make big announcements. It is clear he has a substantial and
dedicated group of fans who identify him as a hero and role model, largely due to his
contributions to large technology / engineering projects.
The latest direction, still confidential, is to launch a personal brand, selling products
associated with, and endorsed by, him personally. You’ve been asked specifically about
the development of a fragrance / perfume / aftershave product, and what this product
should be named. There are 8 proposed alternatives:
Elon’s Musk
Musk, a fragrance by Elon Musk
The Boring Scent
Creative Energy, by Elon
What criteria would you establish for making this decision?
What data might you collect and analyze to inform this decision?
We expect good answers to be 250-500 words.

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