Monmouth University Professional Resume Writing Help

1.Your email needs to fit on one line

2.Your also need to include an address of some kind

3.If you are graduating, why are you searching for an internship and not an entry level job? (re: objective) Don’t know if this is a resume for right now pre graduation, or post grad. If pre-grad, then internship is ok

4.You don’t want to “seek” an internship, you want to acquire/begin/accept/etc. Your objective isn’t to seek work, its to GET work (make sense?)

5.Under “OBJECTIVE” “To seek an internship position in management or marketing while finishing my degree to receive my Bachelor’s in Marketing and Management.”….( repetitive) and badly worded.

6.If you’re looking for a job, get rid of the internship language in your OBJECTIVE.

7. Put down your degree (BA) with the month/year you will be getting it

8.Need to italicize the dates in your experience area as well as add bullets. It will make it easier to read

9.Tenses need to remain consistent for Experience area. If your position with Red Bull is over, then you need to write everything in past tense

10. Capitalizing unnecessary words…(M)arketing (D)ata, (B)rand (A)wareness, Documented (E)xperience, Business (C)lub, (P)ositions

11. “Spreading Brand Awareness as well as managing accounts that sell product at on and off premise locations”…needs to be reworded,… “Spread brand awareness and managed accounts selling product at on and off premise locations. The other descriptions need to be improved. Talk to a professor or career services person for tips on wording.

12. Need to add bullets for volunteer experience as well

13. You should try to add a hard skills section if you can. “Skills” in a resume aren’t Leadership, etc. Those are considered soft skills. You need to add technical skills if you can, like Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, or any unique digital marketing tools you used with Red Bull, etc.

14. Not sure about the fancy paper either.

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