Mod 2 Computer Stores in the US and Industry Growth Presentation

Mod 2 SLP

Create Power Point

In the second Session Long Project, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation of the industry that you chose and will focus on the “Major Companies” in the industry. You will see a tab titled “Major Companies” that you will use to gather your information. Submit a PPT file with a minimum of 5 slides that address the following: plus title and reference pages

  1. Conduct some research using and discuss the “Major Companies” in the industry.
  2. Add Images/Charts/Graphs (as applicable).
  3. You can also conduct some outside research to add to your PowerPoint presentation on each Major Player.
  4. Please cite imags, as well
  5. DoTitle page and Reference Page

Be creative! Use some of the tips that you learned from the background materials on how to engage your audience with your presentation.

Additional resource for using PowerPoint

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