Mission College Economic Transformation in Vietnam Case Study Questions

Case 1 :Opening Case: Economic Transformation in Vietnam (chapter 2)

QUESTION 1: Evaluate the relative success of economic liberalization efforts in Vietnam. How have these actions improved life for everyday citizens in the country? What prospects may allow Vietnam to continue on its path of economic development?

QUESTION 2: How has Vietnam balanced the economic reforms with the social and cultural changes that result from such actions? What are some of the challenges that the country’s leaders will face if it continues as a more market-based economy?

Case 2: Country Focus: Putin’s Russia p.42 (chapter 2)

QUESTION 1: Discuss the implications of corruption on the development and growth of a country. How can Russia’s current political system best be described? What conclusions can you draw regarding Russia’s economic prospects?

QUESTION 2: Discuss the pros and cons of investing in Russia. As a CEO of a company in the oil industry would you invest in Russia? How does a stable government affect a country’s ability to attract investment?

case 3: the homework assignments include answering the opening and closing case questions from the textbook and creating good multiple-choice questions with four answer choices based on the cases (1 question per each case, 2 questions in total/include the answers). CHAPTER 3

use your own words when completing the homework assignments.

at least 200 words per each case (not 200 words per question of each case)

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