Mission College AB InBev and IKEA Company Case Study

Chapter 12

Opening Case: AB InBev and Beer Globally

QUESTION 1: AB InBev categorizes its brands into at least three categories: global brands, international brands, and local champions. Discuss the differences across these three different types of brands.

QUESTION 2: Discuss the domain of the six zone presidents. Why do you think AB InBev divided duties in this fashion?

Closing Case: IKEA and Its Strategy of International Business

QUESTION 1: Why do you think IKEA uses a floorplan that “forces” the customers to move along a certain path in the store?

QUESTION 2: Is it appropriate for IKEA to customize their furniture to each geographic location, for example, differences between U.S. and European furniture? Some companies do not make these changes, but IKEA does; why?

QUESTION 3: IKEA entered the United States in 1985 and China in 1998. But the company started in 1958; why did it take so long to move into the United States and China? Why do you think IKEA is not in more than 28 countries today (there are almost 200 countries in the world)?

Creating good multiple-choice questions with four answer choices based on the cases (1 question per each case, 2 questions in total/include the answers).

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