Miami Dade College COVID 19 Pandemic Paper

COVID 19 Pandemic

Read about the liability, guidelines and disadvantges consideration when Allowing students to go back to Private university. Compare and contrast with different university in Dade county and Broward county only. Devry University, West Coast university, MRU University, FIU university, Florida National University. Is it reasonable for schools to continue to operate and whether you will expose the students and staff to unnecessary foreseeable risk. During the pandemic when is it clear by the state of Florida the CDC and Florida health department that all schools remain closed. Information can be obtain from a reliable source only we can not use wikipedia. Please you statistic In

If the school re-open, what questions should we be asking of employees, and students? such ass Have you traveled outside of the country. fever, cough etc

While school is closed, who is permitted to be on campus?

Some statistic in numbers arising in the last week Dade county specifically

Statistic in the amount of cases in Hialeah, Florida

A minimum of 2 evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older 1 month is required. A minimum of 500 words (excluding the first and references page) is required. Grammar and spelling will be count when grading the answers.

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