MGT571 Colorado State University Week 3 Ideation Tools Discussion

Many ideation tools and techniques exist, and more are being developed. See Gorchels’ (2012) Figure 6.3. Pick an ideation technique or tool—one that has not already been chosen by your colleagues—and review the videos and reading material to support your discussion post. Then, provide the class with a detailed overview of the technique or tool. Provide an example of how the technique or tool has been used to drive the development of a new product or service. Evaluate the efficacy of the ideation technique or tool in relation to generating incremental and radical innovation ideas.

As always, provide clear, concise, focused, and well-documented responses and respond to at least two posts by colleagues. Make sure your comment is a relevant, informative comment. Source citations should be in conformity with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

Please do your best to limit your initial response to the question to 350 or less words and replies to other students to 200 or less words. Focus on quality over quantity. Follow this expectation throughout the course discussions.

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