MGT University of Phoenix Week 3 Impact of Covid 19 on Companies Responses

1st Response

Two company’s that come to mind for me is Fedex and UPS. They are logistic companies that specialize in delivering good. When Covid really hit and the borders were closed and shipping halted they had to somewhat change their strategies. They were doing business but not on the large scale they may have been accustomed to. The larger deliveries seem like they generated the most money. They had to change the way the did business ans see how they can still survive in this economy.

The technology they had was for scanning items for delivery. But what happen when only essential deliveries were allow to be made. The healthcare section became huge for this company because medicine, gloves, mask and medical supplies need to be delivered to get the hospitals stocked. I truly believed they never thought that healthcare would play a huge part in the the companies growth. I have even seen reports when the warehouses were housing the medical supplies to make sure they can be delivered without delay and without shortage.

I am curious to see how they will handle the holiday flu season. Not only will they have to deliver the medical supplies but they will also have to meet the demand of the season that is coming. They will have to make sure their technology and their workers are able to handle the rapid change in the economy. They will not be able to be bias in the information they withhold at this time because it will come out in the news.

2nd Response

In the insurance company that I currently work to help with call volume and and increase online capabilities the company decided to allow our members to have access to cancel their renters policies without having to call in to do so. The logic was this would give the member the ability to cancel the renters policy if they were purchasing a new home or just no longer required to maintain the policy. Of course the pros and cons were weighed before the ability was implemented. After 3 months of having this ability online the numbers of new issues versus cancellations seemed skewed. Normally we have less cancels of the renters policies and more issues month over month. After those 3 months the cancellations were increasing significantly even though the new issues were holding steady. The company felt that since so many online abilities were a benefit to the company and worked in the past this one would be successful as well. One thing they did not take into account is that when a member needs to change the policy from one address to another we just change thee address on the policy. With the ability to cancel the policy online members were canceling the current policy and issuing a new policy so it was creating false churn. After reviewing the numbers and finding out what the issue was it was agreed to pull option to cancel from online and go back to having to speak to a representative to cancel the policy. What has worked in the past may not necessarily be the best idea for all transactions.

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