Methodology for Child Observation Project

Module 6 Comprehensive Assignment: Methodology for Child Observation Project

At this point, you should have conducted your observation of children in two age groups. Divide this section of your paper into subheadings: Participants & Procedure. Under procedure, include a reference to your notes and diagram of the space.

Participants. This section describes the critical characteristics of the participants. If you only observed a specific subset of children include that information.

Example: Three infants between the ages of four and 7 months (younger infants) and three infants between the ages of 7 and 14 months (older infants) who attended the Cyert Center were observed.

Procedure. State how you conducted your observation – number of sessions, time of day, how you recorded the information.

Example: Children were observed through a viewing window for 30 minutes on two consecutive mornings (see room layout). On the first day the younger infants were observed and on the second day the older infants were observed. A behavioral checklist was used to record each instance of a listed behavior during the 30 minute period (See checklist).

OR Children were observed from a corner of the room for two 30-minute periods during the afternoon free play period, two days apart. Younger toddlers were observed on day one and older toddlers were observed on day two. All behaviors related to physical and motor activity were recorded and later categorized as fine or gross motor.

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