MBA6100 Wilming University Current Budget Environment Discussion

Note: Please bid this question if you have access to library database Business Source Ultimate. It has to be plagiarism-free.

For the Week 5 graded discussion, you will use the library database Business Source Ultimate (BSU) to research and prepare your discussion post.

During Week 4 you examined budgeting and the process of preparing the master budget which leads to the preparation of pro-forma financial statements. For this discussion, you are to use BSU and locate an academic journal article related to budgeting that you find interesting. In your opening post, you are to: prepare a synopsis of the article, discuss its main points, why you feel the article is relevant, and relate the article to your business and/or how the article relates to business practice given your level of experience.

The full APA reference for the journal article you select must be included in your original post.

List of Journals:

Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies journal

Accounting Education

Accounting and Finance

Management Accounting Quarterly

Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management

Journal of Financial Reporting & Accounting

Journal of Finance, Accounting, and Management

Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance

Journal of Business Finance & Accounting

Journal of Accounting & Finance

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