MAT125 Southern New Job Offer Measures of Dispersion Comparison Paper

Complete the Milestone One template using the information provided of 3 fictious job offers. Assume I am a single woman who lives in Allston, Massachusetts. The template is attached along with the first draft of basic information. Also Attached is rubric.

Here is a lot of info from teacher:

Hello Class!

This week you are working on measures of dispersion (3-1-1). You will calculate the range and the standard deviation. To calculate the range it may help to put the data in order then take the highest data point and subtract it from the lowest data point. To calculate the standard deviation your book has calculator tips on p. 762. Here is a video as well. Note if you want to subtract inside your list you can. For example 13-5 is how you can enter the number 8 if you don’t want to do all of the subtracting in the homework. Standard deviation shows how the data differs from the mean (average).

The book also does a great job of explaining how to do this by hand. Question 6 has a video where the work is done out by hand if you would like to see an example. Please contact me if you have any questions. Be careful rounding to the hundredth place. Here are two videos on rounding.

The Normal Curve (3-2-1)

The Normal Curve Review

Means and medians of different distributions (6:28)**This should help you with Milestone 1

Impact on mean and median removing an outlier (5:36)

Impact on mean and median increasing an outlier (4:15)

Mean, Median, Mode Review

Percentiles and Z-Scores

You may find this helpful: MyMathLab resources, videos, calculator use instructions, and more.

For your 3-4-1 Milestone One: Job offer comparison here are some suggestions:

1.Open and read 3-4 Finding Meaning in the Data. Regarding the question of Chelmford, IA or MA, if you want to use Chelmford, MA and you can find the needed data in the link that is fine.

2.Open the Overview Preparing for Milestone One in section 3-4 Finding the Mean of Data

a.Use this template to complete your assignment (attached on Monday’s announcement and here as well)

b.You will want to have the comparison worksheet you created and turned in last week

3.Be sure to read the Milestone One Guideline and Rubric

Under the rubric you will see:

A.Outline-List characteristics most important to you in your job search such as location, salary, benefits, job satisfaction. Explain why.

B.Location Comparison. You want to list ALL THREE jobs from your selected track. What will the impact be on your day-to-day life. Are you willing to commute? Relocate? What will the distance be? The cost? Explain the things you are considering. Show any calculations that you make.

C.Salary-Determine a reasonable salary for all 3 jobs using the link. Scroll down on the 3-4 Finding Meaning in the Data for directions for navigating this link. You want to compare what is reasonable with what you are being offered. Will you need to negotiate for a higher salary?

D.Salary-Taxes for all 3 jobs. To calculate a flat tax rate of 30% you will want to multiply your income by 30% written as a decimal. This will tell you the amount of taxes you will pay your first year. I need to see your calculations and explanations of what the numbers mean. Then calculate what you will pay in taxes after five years at your job. Your tax rate has increased to 32%. You will want to take into consideration your increased salary based on cost of living increases, raises, and such. Again explain your calculations.

E.Salary-Mean, Median, Mode? Explain why you chose the measure of center that you chose based on notes in the announcements and what you have learned in the learning modules.

F.Benefits-Retirement-Looking at all 3 jobs determine the retirement savings at 5, 10, and 20 years. This percentage is calculated before taxes. Follow the plan outlined in your job offer. If there is no plan calculate 5% of your pre-tax salary for the three years specified. If your employer matches calculate on the full match. Explain your calculations and your results.

G.Benefits-Insurance-Looking at all 3 jobs compare the insurance plans. If one job offers several options for plans pick the one that fits you, individual, you and spouse, family plan. Compare the costs the employer covers and what will come out of your pocket. Will family plans save you money or cost you money?

Be sure to explain your reasoning. You want to justify your answers.

Here are some links that may help you.

Change percent to a decimal (1.23)

Use calculator to find percent (2.42) While I would turn the percent to a decimal you might like his method.

Savings account at $3,800, grows 1.8% per year. (4.56)

There are math tutors available here is a link to the online math center

Your adviser may also know of additional resources the University provides.

Please contact me if you have questions! I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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