Marymount University Old Testament and Rape Theology Research Paper

I need a total of 15 pages. Five are done.

I need a tutor that can answer the following prompt in a scholarly manner.

One of your friends (Juliet) has accused another of your friends (Romeo) of rape. You have known them both for as long as you have been in college, and you are all in the same circle of friends. They have never been an “item,” just friends. In this situation what do you say to either of your friends, or how do you navigate the dual friendship (or do you drop one of them)? Consider this variant: you have been friends with Romeo since you were kids; you’ve only know Juliet since coming to college. Or, you are related to one of them. You might compose the journal of your experience of being connected to these two people, or write if from the perspective of Romeo or Juliet. Does your relationship with either sway your decision? If you are not sure what you would do and were able to research what to do, would that change your action/position?

All research is attached. No outside sources.

Please use the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition as it is the closest interpretation to the original language and meanings. You can find it free online here: Biblical readings are: Deuteronomy 21:10-14 and 22:13-30. Genesis 38. 2 Samuel 11-13.

This is a scholarly work so religious ideations are not necessary unless they relate directly to the decision you make from the prompt. Keep in mind the historical Hebrew culture, etc. today’s ethics are okay but base your writing on scholarly theology not religious beliefs. Back your paper with the attached research. The paper needs to include all provided resources and cover those topics when answering the prompt.

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