LLD 100A San Jose State University Financial Advisor Position Discussion

Interview questions (you don’t really have to interview someone, as long as you can answer these questions )

1. What is your job in this company? How long have you been there?Have you worked at other companies in similar postion? In your previous jobs, what types of expeeriences did you have?

2.What is current job market in this filed?

3.Tell me about the skills and qualifications required in your job. Education? Ongoing training?

4.What are your job responsibilities? Do you manage or supervise people? Could be follow-up questions? Can you describle your biggest challenges in the job?

5.What are the differnet types of jobs that finance or busines might have in this company?Prior to having a“real”job, are there requirements or opportunities to do volunteer work?

6.Can you describe the types of reading and writing you do in this job?

a.Are there particular writing conventions or genres in this profession?

b.How much and what kinds of writing are done?

C.Are writing projects individual or collaborative?

d.Is there a particular writing process that is followed?

e.Are there special formats used in this profession?

f.What makes someone an authority in this profession?

g·Are there any particular features that are used in this profession?(e.g.-rhetorical strategies reference styles)

7.Do you have any samples of the type of writ ig you do in your job?This can be any type of writing-reports, memos, letters, presentations, meeting agendas, meetingminutes, lab reports, etc.Two samples or more would be great.

Discipline Investigation Outline


*overview of the field being investigated(what) and the writer’s connection to this discourse community(why)

*brief preface to who was interviewed for the assignment(“name”and specifc job title)

*brief map of the organization of the paper to follow(preview statement)

Interview Report

Background and Career Path–How the informant began his/her“journey”in the career:

*Initial interest and requirements and skills needed(“stepping stones”-education, training, etc.)

*Any additional reference to enhance this discussion of the field

Roles and Responsibilities–the informant’s detailed job description

*Overall qualifications and responsibilities+how the position fits in the overall structure of the company(macro-level)

*Smaller day-to-day tasks and skills involved(micro-level)

*Challenges of the job and how the informant deals with them

*Other types of jobs/positions related to the profession

*Any additional reference to enhance this discussion of the field

Communication Skills

*The types of reading and writing mostly done on-the-job

*The typical audience for written communications

*The most important communication aspects of the job(especially in regards to writing)

*Any additional reference to enhance this discussion of the field


*A reflection of what was learned through this D.I.-new insight(s) the writer gained, and any“surprises”that differed from or added to the initial expectations of the field

*A discussion of what the writer believes is still needed in his or her preparation and development for the profession

Works Cited-list of outside sources used

*full citations of sources included under“Works Cited”at the end of the report-no separate page needed

**A minimum of 2 sources to supplement information about the career/discipline must be integrated into

the report-these references may occur in any section(s) of the body of the paper.Sources cited in-text

should follow a consistent citation style.


Include a list of the interview questions you asked( just questions, not the answers)

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