LEG500 Strayer Girls Scouts Business Intellectual Property Discussion

  • Identify
    and explain the forms of intellectual intangible property protection
    pursuant to the Chapter reading. Then, provide an example of an ACTIVE business disputes involving intellectual property within the last two years. Summarize the
    facts and the law in dispute of the case you found. Provide the outcome
    or, predict what you believe will be the outcome of the dispute for the
    example you provided. Justify your response. (Please find an example no other student has posted about)
  • What remedies are available to IP owners and what are the elements needed to prove and win a case in court.
  • What is the law in regards to employee’s IP
    rights and limitations when they are working “within the scope of their
    employment?” This is a general question unless you are working. If
    working, see if you can provide your employer’s policy and share with the class. Provide a source for your answer.

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