LED 615 Center for Creative Leadership WK3 Leadership Fundamentals Program Worksheet

1) follow the directions of the assignment that includes going on the website and using the website according to the direction

2) read the Grading rubric: because that’s how the instructor scores the paper. (in the attachment)

3) read the week 3 learning materials. (in the attachment)

4) then write the two paragraphs with citation from the website and learning materials for week 3.

Assignment directions:

LED 615 Class: For the Threaded Discussion this week, you will be exploring the “real world” of leadership training and development programs. Please go to the website

and then you have a choice to either go to the tab marked PROGRAMS or CUSTOMIZED. You will need to search around either of these tabs and find an actual training program in an area you have interest. Follow that one training program all the way until you locate the agenda. Read over this information and then put your first post. In the title of your first post, put the name of the actual leadership development training program you are reviewing. Then post one or two paragraphs in which you synthesize the most relevant information from that course and how taking that course would enhance your professional leadership skills. Or, perhaps you have already taken such a class at your work, and you might want to compare and contrast the CCL course with your own experiences. Or, you might want to pick a course that you think would be helpful in your own current organization where you work. Or lastly, you might select a course that you would someday like to facilitate as you develop your own training and consulting skills. Please complete this first post by Thursday midnight

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