LAPC Asian Women Stereotypes & Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation Discussion

Topic 1: Double eyelid surgery is a controversial cosmetic procedure to make Asian eyelids appear more like those of whites. This selection considers the roles that race and power play in constructing notions of beauty.

Step 1. Click the link below to watch the “Never Good Enough” video clip. (Links to an external site.)

Step 2. Consider the questions below to develop your post after you view the “Never Good Enough” video

  1. How are images of beauty linked with race? With power?
  2. Have old stereotypes about Asian women shifted within popular culture? If so, how? Why?
  3. Discuss how seemingly positive stereotypes about Asian women as beautiful and attractive are problematic.
  4. How are notions of beauty connected to politics and political conflict?


Topic 2: Cultural appropriation is a widely debated topic with some mistakenly attributing acts of cultural appropriation as being exempts of cultural appreciation.

Step 1. Click the links below to watch two video that discussing, defining, and providing examples of “cultural appropriation” (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Step 2. Discuss your thoughts on the topic of cultural appropriation vs. appreciation. Consider both vide clips and the “In Whose Honor?r video clip. Use relative examples

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