Key Events of The Colonies on A Path to Independence from The 1600s Into the Mid-1700s Disscusion

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Question 2: What were some of the key events that seemed to place the colonies on a path to independence from the 1600s into the mid-1700s? How and why were the colonists increasingly inclined to seek independence from the British Empire?

Much happened between the 1600s and 1700s. This period covers the history of the American during the colonial period and the unfolding events that led to war and establishment of the constitution. The London Company sent out its first expedition to take over Virginia in 1606. The company thus established the first permanent English settlement in Virginia. Between the year 1607 and 1650, Britain was determined at identifying and founding its first colonies in America. They, therefore, established a total of thirteen colonies. Between 1650 and 1699, the British government established cash crop plantations in America (“Pre-Revolution Timeline 1600s”). The colonial government also established the mercantilism policies as well as the triangular trade to enable them to trade with other nations.

The colonists were turning to incline to seek independence from the British Empire because they were reaping huge benefits from the British Empire. The Americans paid less to acquire what the British Empire was providing. Besides, the British Empire left the colonies alone for seven years without much control. Americans thus saw no need to fight the British Empire out of their nation. They never wished to provoke the British (“Pre-Revolution Timeline 1600s”). The Americans were torn into two groups since the majority of Americans were silently watching. Some wanted the British Empire to leave and declare America as an independent nation while others were seeking for reconciliation talks.

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