Hymn of Demeter Analysis

Your report should begin with the following items in bulleted form single spaced at the beginning of your report.

  1. Name of item and type of item
  1. Date made or created
  1. Artist or architect or sponsor or commissioner (or at least who was in charge the year this was made)
  1. Provenance–place where it came from
  1. Place where item is now (if in a museum, you need collection information; if in situ, say so)

Then, write a formal analysis of your piece. Consider questions such as: What is the piece about? What exactly does it look like? What’s going on it? You should also address questions such as its function and its significance. For example, what does it tell us about the women of this world and era? How does it relate to what we’ve already learned? What can it add? Why is it important?

Include a bibliography. You cannot use encyclopedias—they are not scholarly. Your sources must be scholarly—no encyclopedias, no websites that are pseudo scholarly (eg, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc

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