HUMN 8821 Walden Community SWOT Explication to Develop Community Issue Worksheet

The purpose of analyzing community problems is to carefully consider the issues related to the problem before developing a solution. In Week 3, you wrote a description of your community. In doing so, you might have begun to consider some of the problems in your community. Now, you are asked to complete a SWOT analysis to pinpoint or identify a problem in your community. Originally, the SWOT analysis was developed for business and industry but it is now often used to assess communities. Once you identify the problem in your community, you then are asked to analyze it using a series of steps, ranging from thinking about the causes of the problem to choosing the best solution. As you do this, it is important to keep in mind that these exercises are best done in a community context, in which stakeholders have input and involvement.

Write a brief description of one problem in your community, based on completing a SWOT analysis. Then provide an analysis of the community problem, using the eight steps from the Community Tool Box article.

My Community Problem is that I live in a college town, and it is very liberal, however the college students loiter in downtown and smoke marijuana everywhere.

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