HCM460 North Carolina State University Harassment at Workplace Case Presentation

Assignment 1: (Case 49) (PowerPoint) (SBAR Format)

Review assigned case and develop a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation of minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 slides reviewing the key aspects and considerations of each case using the SBAR format. Note the theoretical concept involved in the issue and provide an evidence-based solution. Be sure to cite according to APA.


Assignment 2: (Case 49) (SBAR Format)

Complete in SBAR format a review of my case 49, which is attached in the first assignment. Please post your case SBAR, then read and respond to classmate’s cases.

Assignment 3: (Discussion)

What is the most difficult workplace situation of which you are personally aware? Describe how you would use the information from this course to respond to it if you were the responsible leader. Support your position by evidence, cite according to APA, and respond to a classmate’s post. Do the best you can with this. Just need something to post. I work as a Wine/Beer Sampler.

Assignment 4: (Discussion)

After you have read this week’s readings, watch the Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care video. Discuss the pros and cons of universal health care and provide your thoughts on whether Universal Healthcare is ideal for countries when considering high-quality health services involves the right care, at the right time, responding to the service users’ needs and preferences, while minimizing harm and resource waste.


Please send each assignment as its own assignment.


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