HCC The Part of The Brain Responsible for Components Behavior Discussion

For this week’s project you are going to select one task that you engage in on a regular basis. This can be something like brushing your teeth, driving a car, texting, etc. Once you select your task think about five components that go into that behavior. List each of these components, stating how that action contributes to the task and which part of the brain is responsible. This can be either an anatomical part of your brain, or a neurotransmitter. There is an example listed below:

***NOTE*** Do not use this example for your project.

Task: Brushing my teeth


1). Balance – I need to be standing while brushing my teeth, which requires balance. This balance comes from XXX part of my brain.

2). Vision – When I brush my teeth I am looking at myself in the mirrors which requires the use of my vision. This vision comes from XXX part of my brain.

3). Right Hand – I am right-handed and when I brush my teeth it requires that hand to move. This movement of my limbs comes from XXX part of my brain.

4). Taste – When I brush my teeth I can taste the mint of the toothpaste. This taste reception comes from XXX part of my brain.

5). Thinking – When I brush my teeth I am consciously thinking about performing the task. This comes from XXX part of my brain.

For this project, you do not need to have 200 word minimum. There is also no rubric for the project. Each component is worth 2 points each. You can use the text box and make sure that your project looks like the example I have included above. Points can be deducted if college-level writing is not used.

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