HCA 340 CSU Long Beach Legal Aspects of Health Administration Paper

It must be at least 1,500 words or 9-10 pages, not including the cover page or reference page.
Please include “word count” on your report cover page. Double (2) line spacing only (even
between paragraphs and headings), one inch margins, Geneva style (or equivalent) with 12 point
font. Please Explain both cases and include the following:

CASES: United States v Philip Morris and Elaine Miller v Toyota

1. Cover page; College, class, subject, instructor, date and your name and word count

2. Abstract (page 2), synopsis of the paper followed by the “key words”used for reference.

3. Body (begin on page 3) Paragraph format only (no list or bullets) must address all of the
following in each case;

• facts (dates, people involved, exactly what happened, not a brief overview),

• legal issues (what is the cause of action-i.e. tort-slander),

• rule (i.e.-slander: “Statement made to another, which is detrimental to the P’s

• arguments/discussion (the arguments made by the P or defenses by the D),

• conclusion/decisions/ ruling, (how did the court rule and why),

• settlement/remedy (what did the plaintiff receive from the defendant?).

4. References (for books, articles, and on-line references, pages 13-14) alphabetical by author

5. Number your pages in the upper right corner.

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