Harold Washington College Finance for Business & International Market Essay

News Analysis & Presentation Assignment

1) This assignment will be prepared by the group to which you will be randomly assigned.

2) The instructor will randomly select the date on which each team will submit their assignment.

3) This assignment is intended to focus your attention on the financial press as it relates to international financial markets.

4) Each team is required to select an article that appeared in the financial press, either in Financial Times, The Economist or Wall Street Journal, no more than 15 days prior to the due date of assignment.

5) This article will be one that illustrates or amplifies concepts we have discussed in class or raises questions about how these concepts apply in practice.

6) A good analysis will summarize the story and show how the reported phenomenon conforms to the theory or diverges from what the theory predicts. You are encouraged to introduce material from other sources where you feel this will help the class to put the story into proper context.

7) Please refer to the Appendix to view a sample on how this assignment needs to be prepared.

8) Your submitted work needs to be accompanied by the copy of the article and references. You will be graded on the thoroughness of the analysis.

9) If you only list the article itself as the Reference, your grade will be significantly reduced. You need to provide further insight through your research from other resources

10) The assignment must be submitted with a signature page with the names and signatures of each member of the group.

11) A group member without a signature will not earn any grade from that assignment.

12) There is no word limit for the assignment. Not the length but the content matters.

13) Please make sure that the report you will submit on the designated date contains the following; a) Copy of the article, b) Your analysis, c) References

14) At the end of your analysis you need to explicitly discuss how this news relates with what we have learned in our class.

attached a sample work.

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