Grossmont College History of Modern Turkey Questions

These are going to be sample questions, I will be receiving the actual questions 2/4 9:30 AM PST. I will be providing all the materials right now, so you are prepared to answer the questions tomorrow. Only bid if you will be available 2/4 9:30 AM PST. The questions will be similar to the ones below.

Please answer all prompts in proper prose and full sentences. Clearly indicate which question(s) you are addressing. You are not allowed to search the web or use sources other than assigned materials, lectures, and discussions. You do not need to provide citations/references.

Choose FIVE out of the seven short questions/prompts below. Write a full paragraph for each with attention to time frame, historical context, and significance. Spend approximately 12 minutes on each item.

1) Identify one major population movement in the Ottoman Empire/Turkey in the 1910s or 1920s and elaborate on circumstances that led to it, the course of the specific population movement, and/or results.

2) “In the early republic, Turkey separated religion from the state.” Argue against this proposition.

3) Reflect on women’s emancipation under Mustafa Kemal with reference to specific developments/policies.

4) The first attempt to reach a peace treaty for the Ottoman Empire after World War I failed. Identify the treaty and explain the failure.

5) Identify one historical juncture (1830-1922) when the Ottomans lost substantial territories and where? Elaborate on the circumstances.



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