Grossmont College Cindy Sherman Connection and Inspiration Essay

1. Look through Chapter 11. Find an image that you find interesting, inspiring, and that you think you can create your own version that is “inspired by” that artist from Chapter 11.

Make sure to read the image description- it will tell you the story and feeling behind the self portrait. It may be in the story, that you find connection and inspiration.

2. Take a photograph of yourself that is psychologically interesting. Use your phones camera settings to adjust the colors, zoom in, crop, etc.

3. Your selfie portrait must tell a story that you will interpret based on these elements:

      • Composition (p. 42), Vantage; are you central and up close? Significantly small and off center? Zoom in! Or out!
            • Up close leaves no mystery, as opposed to far away
            • Central gives you the dominant role, off center may indicate a role reversal of central importance
      • Color; black & white, color saturation- vivid, faded. Use your phone’s camera settings to adjust the colors to suit the psychological interpretation.
            • Bright saturation may indicate a false intensity
            • Faded colors may indicate lack of emotion, loss
            • Black and white can tell of loss of vigor, or create extreme drama
      • Iconography: Props, clothing
          • Objects and types of clothing add to the story of your mental and emotional status and lead to an interpretation. Make it fun!

          Please use the numbered format in your summary. Thank you 🙂

          1. Your selfie- image

          2. The original artwork that you were inspired by from Chapter 11. Include the title, name, medium, date. Make your image look as close as you can to your inspired art-work or explain how it is connected conceptually to the original.

          3. Composition

          4. Color

          5. Iconography/objects

          6. Reflection: was it successful? Does it create the psychological portrait you were hoping for? Describe the inspiration that you took from the original image; how can we see the inspiration in your image? Have fun!

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