Grand Canyon University School Budgeting Proposal Discussion

You are the budget director of a small school district that has a budget of $10 million and serves 2,500 children in six schools: three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The school district receives its budget from the state, and state officials have told you that the state is running a deficit and the school budget is being cut by $250,000. The state provides the revenue; however, the school district does have a partnership with a foundation that provides funding for innovative and supportive programs. What part of the budget would you first examine? Why? After that examination, what would you cut? Why?

ALL: The tendency related to answering this question is to suggest that revenue increases can keep the program from cuts. Although this is creative it is not the point in this case. There are times in government that cuts are required as a result of funding shortfalls. This DQ asks you to address that situation.

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