Global Strategies

12-14 pages in total not including title and reference pages.

APA format with in text citations – 8 references minimum

~ Decision Making Guide

– Your chief executive officer (CEO) is please with your choice of the region or country for global expansion. She has now asked that you inform the leadership team of this decision and organize a decision-making guide for the team to begin the process of globalization. Complete the following:

* Organize a decision-making guide for the leadership team

* Ensure that it is thoroughly uses the strategic decision-making process for global organizations.

~ Regional and Global Integration (1250- 1750 words)

– The leadership team has accepted your decision for globalization and the decision-making process that will be communicated to each department’s middle management team within the next week. To pair with this planned communication, the leadership team has asked that you provide a memo to these managers that will provide an overview of global business strategy. Write a memo to the middle management teams that includes the following:

* Explain the importance of a global business strategy

* Discuss the role in which driving forces, regional integration, and global integration play in shaping global business strategy.

~ The Strategic Management Process (1250- 1750 words)

– Outline and summarize at least 5 global business strategies that will allow for competition in the chosen market

– These strategies should indicate that economic and cultural considerations as well as market considerations are taken into account.

~ Global Business Strategies (1250 – 1750 words)

– Formulate at least 3 global strategies to sustain a competitive global market profile

– Provide a brief explanation of each, including why it was chosen for this organization specifically

– Summarize your strategic global marketing plan

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