Georgia Military College Risk Assessment Criminal Justice Question

For this assignment, you need to locate one peer-reviewed journal article that addresses the use of risk and/or needs assessment as it applies to one of the criminal justice systems use for decisions surrounding pretrial release, sentencing, probation, incarceration, and parole. One example would be to find a journal article in which the authors studied how judges use RNA to help inform their sentencing decisions. Once you’ve chosen an article, you need to write a 250-300 word summary of the article. Important questions to answer in your summary are: what questions are the authors trying to answer (often found in the introduction)? How did they go about finding the answers to these questions (methodology)? Did they answer these questions and/or what else did they find out (results or findings)? What inferences and conclusions did the authors draw from their findings (discussion and conclusion)? It is okay to use an article from outside the U.S., but all articles must be focused on criminal justice issues. We are not the only field of study to utilize risk assessment; you are likely to come across medical and/or financial journals as well. Choose your article carefully and run it by me if you are unsure. Include an APA-formatted citation for the article at the end of your summary.

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